Corporate Affairs

  • Public Relations

    Public relations builds reputations, supports brands and increases valuation. It is an ever more important tool as the digital revolution gathers pace and the way we share information changes. more

  • Public Affairs

    A public affairs program gives you the ability to effectively manage the social, political and regulatory issues which affect the way you operate. more

  • Crisis Planning and Management

    We help businesses plan for and successfully navigate crisis situations, mindful of the fact that the way you react to unforeseen events can have huge implications for your reputation and your ability to operate. more

  • Knowledge Services

    We offer knowledge services that enable clients to pick and choose from individual elements of a communications program as stand-alone projects. more

  • Special Projects

    We design communications programs which take into account the unique challenges posed by emerging markets, regional instability, and the influence of dangerous extremists. more

Keymer combines deep thinking and imaginative execution with the most attentive customer service I've ever seen.

— Senior VP State Government Affairs American Financial Services Association