At Keymer, we believe in the power of integration. We see influencer outreach (media, think tanks, analysts etc.) as our core business, but set strategies that target your stakeholders through multiple engagement channels. The cumulative effect of these is preplanned and aligned with your wider objectives.

Target Audience Analysis (TAA)

Whether you are looking to enhance corporate reputation, drive sales, or influence policy, you must know exactly who to talk to and why you matter to them. Keymer’s rigorous Target Audience Analysis procedure audits your stakeholders – mass audiences or individual opinion formers – and allows the development of meaningful strategies to engage with them.

Effects-Based Planning

We begin all of our strategy development by examining a client’s wider objectives and setting goals for communications that align closely with them. We then work out the effect we must have on our individual target audiences. Only when we have clearly identified the effect our communications must have can we decide on the tactics to employ.

Message Development and Testing

Message development must be a robust procedure aimed at building a multi-functional platform which clearly communicates your positioning in the marketplace or on an issue. It goes without saying that messages must be developed in such a way that their cumulative effect on your target audiences enables you to achieve your goals.

In some cases, we may need to test our messages. Straw polling of a volunteer group of industry professionals and journalists is often used, but formal surveys and focus groups can also be hugely valuable.

Measurement and Reporting

Measuring effect is crucial to the effective deployment of a strategy. At Keymer, we believe that the only way to measure the success of a communications program is against the effect you desire. This moves us beyond press clippings, and the ubiquitous newswire print-out. We also report regularly.

Our aim is to ensure our clients never have to wonder what we are doing on their behalf, or whether our programs are actually working.